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Noriega family

When you enter Bill's Prescription Center in Brandon, it's hard to believe the words Est.1956 embossed into the threshold as you enter this modern pharmacy bustling with pharmacists, technicians and clerks. Its not unlike the Walgreen's across the street, except that it's more like walking into a family reunion.

Justo "Bill" Noriega worked hard to open his own pharmacy after he graduated from the College of Pharmacy in 1954. As his business grew, so did his family of pharmacists. In 1965, his sister, Melecia Noriega, graduated as a pharmacist from UF. In 1981, son John Noriega, and in 1990, daughter Mary Noriega Denham, also graduated as pharmacists from UF.

Bill Noriega family

The Noriegas have built their community pharmacy practice on patient care from the first year, when Brandon had only 1,800 residents and two doctors. With a population of 200,000 today, their patient-care philosophy has not changed. John,who grew up in his father's store, now manages the business. Sharing his father's commitment, his focus is on patient care, giving service and being the best pharmacy - not only in Brandon - but in the world.

Building the best pharmacy isn't the end of the road for John, it's just the beginning. When asked about his vision for the future, he says he hopes to see the community pharmacy practice grow throughout the United States. John has contributed $100,000 to his family's alma mater in support of his belief in pharmacy education and to help establish the UF Institute for Pharmacy Entrepreneurs.