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Counseling Services:We Provide the Answers to Your Medication Questions

Side effects, drug interactions, and dosing often raise questions or concerns when taking a medication. The questions you may have about your prescription can be answered best by one of our skilled pharmacists: John, Mary, Jason, or Raun. We are available to help you understand and manage your medication therapy.

Our patients are encouraged to call or send us a message at anytime with drug therapy questions. We believe you should be treated as though you were a member of our family, and we want you to feel comfortable with and confident in all of our pharmacists.

Hormone Consultations

Many women are prescribed bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT. If you would like more information on this treatment option, please contact Mary. She offers specialized counseling services on BHRT, and can give you more information on how the saliva testing process works. After the saliva testing is completed, she then interprets the results, develops a treatment plan, and facilitates receiving an authorization from your physician for an individualized prescription to suit your needs.