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Bill's Prescription Center Services

  • Compounding Services

    Compounding Services

    Our pharmacists can compound individualized medications to meet the unique needs of the patient. Areas of our expertise include bioidentical hormone replacement, pediatrics, pain management, veterinary, dermatology, and many more.

  • Counseling Services

    Counseling Services

    Side effects, drug interactions, and dosing often raise questions or concerns when taking a medication. The questions you may have about your prescription can be answered best by one of our skilled pharmacists.

  • Cholesterol Testing Services

    Cholesterol Testing Services

    Cholesterol screening is an important tool to gauge your progress in decreasing your lipid levels. We know how important this is and we offer this test in an accurate and time-efficient manner.

  • Over the Counter Prescription Services

    Over the Counter Products

    At Bill's Prescription Center, we have a wide variety of our own line of OTC products. Our private label, branded collection of products helps us to provide our customers with high-quality OTC products at an affordable price.

  • Delivery Services

    Prescription Delivery Services

    At Bill's Prescription Center, we offer delivery services to help make your day just a little easier. We are the only pharmacy that delivers in Brandon. However, we do not just service this area. We also deliver to Plant City, Riverview, Ruskin, Tampa, and Apollo Beach. Our delivery radius covers approximately 25 miles.